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21 Avenue des Vosges 67000 Strasbourg
21 Avenue des Vosges 67000 Strasbourg


Periodontitis is the part of dentistry that specializes in the treatment of periodontal. This includes the tooth supporting tissue: gums, bones etc.

Periodontal Disease

  • Inflammation and periodontal infections are called gingivitis and periodontitis, but there are different types.


How can periodontitis occur ?

  • Plack (accumulation of bacteria) is the reason for the development of periodontal disease
  • Plack arises between the individual brushes. With insufficient brushing techniques to Plack accumulates below the gum line
  • The organism tries to defend the bacteria: It creates an inflammatory immune response, which limits the gum: it is the stage of gingivitis
  • Gingivitis can be present for years without being noticed

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